Site Plan

Site Plan
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Explanation of the numbers on the Timber Town Site Plan

1.  Main entry road will be a paved two lane road.

2. Storage Area for all the equipment coming in that needs repairs until we can get to that work.

3. Parking Area for volunteers and employees in the reconditioning shops.

4. A wood framed building to be used for repair and restoration work.  Estimated 9,000 sq.ft.

5. A wood framed building. Estimated 9,000 sq.ft

6.  A gift and souvenir building for wood related items. Estimated 3,000 sq.ft.

7.  A wood framed building warehouse for general supplies and inventory, not open to the general public. Estimated 3,750 sq.ft.

8. A large area for general public parking.

9. A replica cookhouse to be used for snacks and soft drinks.  Estimated 2,500 sq.ft.

10.  An auditorium for briefing visitors on what they can see and do while Timber Town and then board the scenic train. Estimated 3,750 sq.ft.

11.  Wood framed public restrooms. Estimated 500 sq. ft.

12.  Railroad stops and places to sit down for a rest.

13.  A series of wood frame buildings for special repairs such as welding, sand blasting, carpentry, plumbing, electric, saw sharpening, paint shop, steam cleaning etc. Estimated 7,500 sq. ft.

14.  Building for static displays of small working antique equipment. Estimated 3,750 sq.ft.

15.  Arena/Multipurpose building, 10,500 sq.ft.

16.  Parking areas behind antique stores and craft shops for employee and volunteer parking and access for service trucks.

17.  Small shops for lease to local wood craftsmen. These will be wood framed, metal covered buildings with wood fronts, canopies, and wooden sidewalks to simulate typical 1900 vintage timber towns. Estimated 5,250 sq.ft.

18.  Small stores for lease to local businesses. These will be wood framed,  metal covered buildings with wood fronts, canopies, and wooden sidewalks to simulate typical 1900 vintage timber towns. Estimated 5,250 sq.ft.

19.  Railroad barn where train is kept out of weather when not in use and also maintained. Estimated 2,000 sq.ft.

20.  Existing 7,500 sq. ft. pond to be used for logging events and fire fighting.

21.  Timber area with hiking trails.

22.  Wood framed building for working equipment displays. Estimated 4,500 sq.ft.

23.  Main Street designed to look like a typical timber town, for pedestrians only.

24.  Office and library. Estimated 4,500 sq.ft.

25.  Water storage tank for fire hydrants and fire sprinkler systems.

26.  Main septic tank and drain field.

27.  Replica of 1900 vintage Logging Camp, with skid mounted bunkhouses, cookhouse, etc.

28.  Existing log dumps to be used for 12 temporary RV camping spaces.

29.  Small scale tree farm.

30.  Working outdoor timber exhibits.

31.  Landscaped entry area.

32.  Existing heavy timber area.

33.  Ticket office.

34.  Existing water well.

35.  Existing timber buffer.

36.  Highway 101.

37.  Existing road, regarded and repaved as necessary.