Doug's Suggestions

  • Firm up and publish the Big Plan
  • Identify the stages required to complete the plan (and how much money & time needed for each stage)
    • Concrete, approved site plan
    • Installed utilities (water, power, sewer underground)
    • Pave roads
  • Develop the property to be useful now and grow into it? (Camping, walking, biking)
    • Camping (tent sites and RVs)
      • Permanent sites within site plan?
      • How much to develop a nice site? (Foundation rock with drainage (like state parks use), fire pit / bbq, picnic table)
      • Sponsors / Memorials for sites? (A company can sponsor or someone donate money as a memorial?)
    • Create a place for a Town Host
      • Clean pad for parking RV
      • Power / Water
      • Can camp free and provide some basic services for Town (collect registration, garbage, sell firewood
    • RV Dump?
    • Bike trails? Walking?
  • Are there safety hazards that must be eliminated prior to use?  If so, maybe fence off those areas so property can be used safely while it is continuing to be developed.
  • What will the basic operational costs be? Utilities, Licensees, Security, Taxes?  Could memberships be sold to cover those expenses?
  • I think there are some security concerns.  They should be identified and addressed.

The better organized the events, the more successful they will be, so give ample time for organization if you want the events to be successful!

Annual Fundraising Banquet (Name?)

How about also having an annual Fundraising Banquet?  Maybe fundraising BBQ.  Fundraising shindig. ...

When people attend, they know it is simply about raising funds ...

Needs a reachable goal for which to raise funds!

  • Project
  • Cost
  • Completion Date

Riggin' Fit


  • Electricity
  • Water (Call Keith Winter (360) 683-4773)
  • Physical Prep (RV sites, tent sites)
  • Legal stuff (sound noise level, potluck?)
  • Portable Toilets (Call Dan Helgeson (360) 457-5494)
  • Insurance?  (Liability covers what activities?)

Weather Warning

You've got to count on bad weather.  It will probably be cold and raining.  Make sure the event can be a success in those conditions.  This is an outdoor event!

Open stage?

You Must Have an MC

Easily boring.  Easily embarrassing.  Easily out of control.

If you have scheduled music, it will draw more people.  The bands will also do their own promotion for their event.

Open stage is fine - as an invite to music groups to perform there freely, but their concert times should be scheduled.

How Many RVs?

Area for parking should be flagged off at least.  (Tall stakes with nylon cord and taped flags)

Will RV sites include a place for a campfire?

  • Class A: 26-45 feet
  • Class B: 17-19 feet
  • Class C: 22-35 feet

How Many Tent Sites?

Will RV sites include a place for a campfire?

How about a "Company Concessions Stand"?

Timbertown will need a "Headquarter's Tent".  

This tent to house "office" to answer questions and serve as communications center.

Why not add concessions with it.  Bring sodas, hot dogs, buns, marshmallows, firewood ...  Maybe you could get from some local grocer and they would allow to return what you don't sell?

A "Logging Event" without a single "Logging Show"?

Are there not some types of logging demonstration or contest.

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