We are incorporated as a non-profit organization in the United States and located on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. Olympic Timber Town and Heritage Center will be a place for visitors to explore our timber history.  They will come and enjoy our 57 acres of park-like grounds that include wetlands, trails and a lakes.  After exploring all that nature has to offer, they will want to stroll down the boardwalks of the replicas of a logging town and camp. They are sure to find something of interest in the mill, on the train, in the mercantile and other various storefronts. In the logging camp they will have the opportunity to investigate the tools of the timber trade.


Olympic Timber Town, Inc., wishes to express in some detail its plans for the use of property west of Port Angeles, Washington. We plan to show visitors how the timber industry, here in the Northwest, operated in the 1900's. We will use some of the tools and equipment in operation, cutting lumber, making shingles, etc. Then as they proceed around Timber Town, we will gradually show how the timber industry has advanced and improved their operations.
Their tour will end with present day timber equipment and techniques. Whenever, possible, all tools and equipment will be operating, starting with raw logs. Also included toward the end of the tour, will be a working small scale tree farm. This will show the public how the timber industry is working to replace the harvested trees. Some of these small seedlings may also be made available for sale in milk carton containers.
The start of the tour will be down 'main street' of Timber Town, with a nice display of houses, shops and other buildings. For example, a garage with old cars and a gravity feed gas pump. A person's imagination is really the only limit to what can be displayed, to make everything as realistic as possible.

We want to show the history of the timber industry, here in the Northwest, but we also want to show it correctly. It will not only be historical, but also educational to collect, preserve, interpret and exhibit in operation, the working tools and equipment of the timber industry.

Visitor fees, purchases and donations will provide the primary income. Eventually a loggers restaurant and auditorium will be built so that logging shows can be presented the year round. Because of weather conditions, most equipment will be under cover after it is restored and placed in operation. Our intention is to make this a show place of the timber industry for the edification of the general public.